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Digital Preservation Policy

Digital Preservation Policy of Romanian Journal of Petroleum & Gas Technology is meant to ensure indefinite preservation of our publication, all content published within our journal is permanently archived in the following databases:

For the purposes of record-keeping, Romanian Journal of Petroleum & Gas Technology retains copies of submitted manuscripts and supporting files. However, for articles that are rejected we will comply with requests from authors to delete files.

The Digital Preservation Policy of the Romanian Journal of Petroleum & Gas Technology supports sustainable access to and use of select digital collection content for the near future. For the purpose of this policy, “digital preservation” is defined as the combination of policies, strategies and actions, which ensures authenticity, integrity, reliability, long-term access, and use of digital assets under the care of Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, while attempting to provide usable versions for research, teaching, and learning.

Best efforts are made to maintain viability (integrity of the file), renderability (ability to display the file for viewing), understandability (the file is displayed in a manner that does not affect the viewer’s ability to understand the file contents), and functionality of original digital object.

Other actions are referring to checking the documents for viruses and malware upon inserting into the system (if viruses and/or malware are detected the documents are quarantined or deleted) and ensuring security measures and protocols to reduce the risks of data loss and/or damage and enables abilities to maintain rights management of digital objects.